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While promoting "With Every Heartbeat", the group made a now infamous appearance on the British children's TV show Going Live , when, during a live phone-in, a teenaged caller asked why they were "so fucking crap". [3] [4] [5] [6]

With two familiar faces attached, the spinoff received a straight-to-series order in May. The Kings agreed to co-write the first episode with Field of Dreams scribe Phil Alden Robinson, who had directed several season-seven episodes of Good Wife . However, with Robinson already committed to a Showtime limited series about the Cuban missile crisis, it remained unclear who would take the reins as showrunner.

Delroy Wilson Give Me A Chance Its ImpossibleDelroy Wilson Give Me A Chance Its ImpossibleDelroy Wilson Give Me A Chance Its ImpossibleDelroy Wilson Give Me A Chance Its Impossible