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The music of Il Trovatore appears, on its surface, to retreat from the advances of its immediate predecessor, Rigoletto , and to take one small step in a musical Tea Party direction.    Its successor, La Traviata, with its "Drinking Song", its arias for the Principal singers, its picturesque choruses for gypsies and matadors at Flora's party, is, actually, far more traditional and conservative.   But Traviata takes place in mid-nineteenth-century, high-ish Parisian society, so the music has a corresponding sophistication, and, therefore, sounds more "advanced".     Il Trovatore , on the other hand, takes place in early fifteenth-century Spain;   civil war is raging; the men of the love-triangle are opponents both in love and in war, while the soprano is politically neutral.   The music, if it is to reflect this overall situation, has to be colored, and is, by its bellicose setting.   Subtlety is not ranked high on the list of qualifications for military conscripts; decisive directness is.

Anvil Chorus Rhythm Is The WayAnvil Chorus Rhythm Is The WayAnvil Chorus Rhythm Is The WayAnvil Chorus Rhythm Is The Way