Instant funk why dont you think about me slam dunk the funk - INSTANT FUNK - Why Don t You Think About Me (1982) - YouTube

0:17-1:06: Mars' raspy delivery and triumphant cry of "don't believe me, just watch" reflect James Browns' towering influence on R&B and funk.  Too many of the Godfather of Soul's songs could be cited here, but 1970's "Super Bad" predates "Uptown Funk!" in terms of braggadocio, vocal delivery, and catchphrases.  Brown convincingly brags that he embodies the song title, that "I wanna kiss myself!"  Most people cite Trinidad James' 2013 single "All Gold Everything" as the origin of the "Uptown Funk" hook "don't believe me, just watch," but Brown's cry of "watch me!" predates both.  An oft-sampled line from "Super Bad," the words have reappeared in various forms in countless soul and hip hop tracks.  Finally, Mars' scratchy vocals imitate Brown's signature rhythmic delivery; like Brown, Mars accents the beat with "heys" and "ohs" like his predecessor.  

Instant Funk Why Dont You Think About Me Slam Dunk The FunkInstant Funk Why Dont You Think About Me Slam Dunk The Funk