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After this startling series of events, Peter (who adopted the surname "Porker", that of his benefactor May Porker, who after the accident mentally attuned to a state in which she believed she was Peter's loving aunt) dedicated himself and his new-found abilities to fighting injustice and the occasional animal parody of established Marvel Comics villains. May Porker's scientific genius was transferred to Peter, giving him the know-how to devise his webspinner gauntlets to replace his lost natural ability. This story contradicted a detail in "Salad Daze" ( Spider-Ham #6) where Peter Porker, in a vigil at May Porker's hospital bed, thinks back to his pre-Spider-Ham years when he was just a young pig being raised by his loving aunt.

Surrealism was "the" fashionable art movement of the inter-war years, and the last major art movement to be associated with the Ecole de Paris , from where it spread across Europe, becoming one of the most influential schools or styles of avant-garde art . Its name derived from the phrase Drame surrealiste , the sub-title of a 1917 play by the writer and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918). Surrealism evolved out of the nihilistic "anti-art" Dada movement, most of whose members became surrealists. However, while every bit as "revolutionery" as Dada, Surrealism was less overtly political and advocated a more positive philosophy - summed up by André Breton as " thought expressed in the absense of any control exerted by reason, and outside all moral and aesthetic considerations ."

Crucial Bunny Versus Prince Jammy Fatman Dub ContestCrucial Bunny Versus Prince Jammy Fatman Dub ContestCrucial Bunny Versus Prince Jammy Fatman Dub Contest